Five New Combinations in Passiflora sect. Dysosmia (Passifloraceae)

Keywords: Central America, Mexico, Neotropics, passionflowers, South America, systematics, taxonomy, West Indies


Five taxa, originally described or typically circumscribed as varieties of Passiflora foetida L. (Passifloraceae), are here recognized as distinct species in Passiflora sect. Dysosmia DC. on the basis of their unique suites of morphological traits that include variations in the arrangement of foliar glands, reduced involucral bracts, distinct vestiture, and, in most cases, red fruit. Four new combinations and one nomen novum are published for these: P. lanuginosa (Killip) H. T. Svoboda, P. oaxacana (Killip) H. T. Svoboda, P. orinocensis (Killip) H. T. Svoboda, P. subintegra (Killip) H. T. Svoboda, and P. wrightiana H. T. Svoboda. The last is a replacement name for P. ciliata Aiton var. riparia C. Wright ex Griseb. Their distributions and distinctions from P. foetida are summarized.

Author Biography

Harlan T. Svoboda, United States National Arboretum

Curator of the NA and BARC herbaria, United States National Arboretum, USDA (Washington, D.C.)