Typifications and Nomenclatural Notes on Old World Names in Boehmeria (Urticaceae)

Keywords: Boehmeria, lectotype, nomenclature, taxonomy, Urticaceae


Lectotypes are designated here for nine names in the genus Boehmeria Jacq.: B. depauperata Wedd., B. humilis Miq., B. malabarica Wedd., B. pilosiuscula (Blume) Hassk., B. subperforata Wedd., B. travancorica Bedd., B. virgata (G. Forst.) Guill. var. longissima (Hook. f.) Friis & Wilmot-Dear, B. virgata var. macrostachya (Wight) Friis & Wilmot-Dear, and B. zollingeriana Wedd. Nomenclatural changes to names in the recently published taxonomic revision of the Old World species of the genus Boehmeria are also discussed: B. glomerulifera Miq. and B. diversiflora Miq. are considered homotypic and superfluous to B. depauperata and B. zollingeriana, respectively; B. malabarica represents a superfluous and illegitimate renaming of B. depauperata but is not automatically homotypic with the latter; and Ramium malabaricum Kuntze is added to the synonymy of B. depauperata.

Author Biography

P. Sunojkumar, University of Calicut

Associate Professor, Department of Botany, University of Calicut