Four New Species of Philodendron subg. Philodendron (Araceae) from Caquetá Department, Colombia

  • Thomas B. Croat Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Thomas E. Mines Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Edwin Trujillo Trujillo Universidad de la Amazonia
Keywords: Colombia, new species, Philodendron, South America, subgenus Philodendron


Four new species of Philodendron Schott (Araceae) from Caquetá Department in Colombia are published: P. agudeloi Croat, Edwin Trujillo & T. Mines, P. arevaloi Croat, P. crystallum Croat & Edwin Trujillo, and P. dalyi Croat. All are members of subgenus Philodendron: P. agudeloi is in section Macrobelium (Schott) Sakur. subsect. Macrobelium (Schott) Engl.; P. arevaloi is in section Philodendron subsect. Philodendron; P. crystallum is in section Macrobelium subsect. Glossophyllum (Schott) Croat ser. Ovata Croat; and P. dalyi is in section Macrobelium subsect. Glossophyllum ser. Glossophyllum Croat.