New Boraginales from Tropical America 11: A New Species of Cordia (Boraginales: Cordiaceae) from Colombia and Venezuela

  • James S. Miller Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Colombia, Cordia, Cordiaceae, IUCN Red List, Venezuela


A new species of Cordia L. (Boraginales: Cordiaceae) is described from Amazonian Venezuela and Colombia. Cordia carnevalii J. S. Mill. is distinct in its lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate leaves borne on short petioles, and axillary inflorescences. It is vegetatively distinct from other species of Cordia in Colombia and Venezuela, and no other species in the genus has leaves that are similar. The species occurs in a poorly known region of Amazonian Colombia and Venezuela, and is presently known from only three collections made in a very restricted area, so the species is clearly of conservation concern and is therefore provisionally considered Critically Endangered (CR) by IUCN Red List standards.