More New Species of Psychotria from Madagascar (Rubiaceae, Psychotrieae)

  • Charlotte M. Taylor Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Heidi H. Schmidt Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Roy E. Gereau Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Madagascar, Psychotria, Psychotrieae, Red List, Rubiaceae


Review of specimens of Psychotria L. (i.e., Psychotria s. str., Psychotria subg. Psychotria) from Madagascar has revealed some species new to science. Here we describe and provide Red List conservation status assessments for 10 new species of Malagasy Psychotria: P. anosiana C. M. Taylor and P. apomurioides C. M. Taylor are found in humid forest in southeastern Madagascar; P. kuhliana C. M. Taylor, P. luteofructa C. M. Taylor, P. ranomafanensis C. M. Taylor, and P. razakamalalae C. M. Taylor are found in humid forest in central-eastern Madagascar; P. littoralis C. M. Taylor is found in subhumid, littoral and sublittoral forest in northeastern Madagascar; P. malcomberiana C. M. Taylor is found in subhumid, semi-deciduous forest in northern Madagascar; P. parvihama C. M. Taylor is found in wet forest in the Masoala Peninsula of northeastern Madagascar; and P. rakotovaoi C. M. Taylor is found in humid forest in northern and northeastern Madagascar, sometimes at relatively high elevations. Three of these species are assessed as Near Threatened, one as Vulnerable, five as Endangered, and one as Critically Endangered.