Impatiens katjae, a New Species of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Central Myanmar

  • Nobuyuki Tanaka National Museum of Nature and Science
  • Mu Mu Aung Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation
  • Jaap Jan Vermeulen JK Art and Science
Keywords: Balsam, Burma, Impatiens, IUCN Red List, limestone, Mandalay, Myanmar, new taxon, taxonomy


A new species, Impatiens katjae Nob. Tanaka & J. J. Verm. (Balsaminaceae), from Mandalay Region, central Myanmar, is described and illustrated. This species is similar to I. oblongata Ruchis. & Niet in floral morphology, but differs in having distinctly smaller flowers, 2-flowered axillary inflorescences, much paler pinkish-white flowers, two lateral sepals, and a spurless lower sepal. This new species is assigned to Impatiens L. subg. Impatiens sect. Uniflorae Hook. f. & Thomson.