Nomenclatural Notes and Typifications of Cordiaceae Names from the Flora of Argentina

  • Pablo Moroni Instituto de Botánica Darwinion
  • James S. Miller Missouri Botanical Garden
  • María Gabriela Nadra Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Nataly O'Leary Instituto de Botánica Darwinion
Keywords: Boraginales, Cordia, nomenclature, Varronia


During the preparation of the treatment of the family Cordiaceae for the Flora of Argentina project, some names were identified as requiring clarification following the Shenzhen Code. In this context, a lectotype is designated for Patagonula americana L. var. glabra Cham., a second-step lectotype for Varronia dichotoma Ruiz & Pav., and updates and supporting information for four names already typified by I. M. Johnston (Cordia guaranitica Chodat & Hassl., C. salicina DC., Lithocardium gerascanthus (L.) Kuntze var. puberulum Kuntze, and Saccellium lanceolatum Bonpl.) are provided. Furthermore, remarks on the type of P. tweediana Miers are provided.