Three New Species of Lauraceae

  • Henk van der Werff Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Beilschmiedia, Lauraceae, Licaria, new species, Ocotea


Three new species of Lauraceae are described and illustrated and their relationships are discussed. One new species, Beilschmiedia vohemarensis van der Werff, is endemic to Madagascar and differs from the similar B. microphylla (Kosterm.) Kosterm. in its type of pubescence and habitat. Licaria monsalveae van der Werff is restricted to the Choco region of Colombia and differs from the similar L. brasiliensis (Nees) Kosterm. in its tomentulose, not appressed pubescence. Ocotea sacculifera van der Werff is only known from Bolivia and differs from all other species of Ocotea Aubl. in its pouchlike domatia.