Una Especie Nueva de Hippeastrum (Amaryllidaceae) de los Bosques Secos Yungueños de Bolivia

  • Araceli Laura Moya Huanca Herbario Nacional de Bolivia
  • David Villalba Vargas Herbario Nacional de Bolivia
  • Freddy Santiago Zenteno-Ruiz Herbario Nacional de Bolivia
Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, Bolivia, dry forest, endemism, Hippeastrum, Yungas


A new species of Hippeastrum Herb. (Amaryllidaceae), H. lara-ricoi L. Moya, D. Villalba & Zent.-Ruiz, is described and illustrated. It is a perennial-bulbous geophyte herb, with a 2-flowered, dark red umbel, which grows on the rocky slopes of the dry Yungas montane forest of Bolivia. It is apparently restricted to the Chamaca Valley, province of Sud Yungas, in the department of La Paz (Bolivia). The new species differs from the most similar species H. escobaruriae (Cárdenas) Van Scheepen and H. yungacense (Cárdenas & I. S. Nelson) Meerow by its color pattern and floral morphology.