Una Especie Nueva de Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae) de Sinaloa, México

Keywords: Dioscorea, Mexico, section Apodostemon, Sinaloa


Dioscorea sinaloensis O. Téllez (Dioscoreaceae) is described and illustrated. It is known from the type locality, in the municipality of Concordia, Sinaloa, Mexico. According to Knuth’s classification of 1924, it belongs to section Apodostemon Uline. However, in a recent phylogenetic study, this section is resolved as a polyphyletic group, related to species of other “sections” like Heterostemon Uline, Macrogynodium Uline, or Strutantha Uline or to other morphologically different species. Dioscorea sinaloensis can be confused with D. gallegosi Matuda, D. gomez-pompae O. Téllez, D. megaphylla Ram.-Amezcua, O. Téllez & V. W. Steinm., D. mexicana Scheidw., and D. subtomentosa Miranda, but is clearly distinct.