Nomenclatural Notes and New Combinations in Lauraceae

  • Henk van der Werff Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Beilschmiedia, Cryptocarya, Damburneya, Lauraceae, Lindera, Litsea, Mespilodaphne, nomenclature


In the course of reviewing publications on Lauraceae, several nomenclatural problems were found. Solving these problems led to the proposal of new names for Litsea pseudoelongata Kosterm. (L. siamensis van der Werff), Cryptocarya lancifolia Kosterm. (C. stenophylla van der Werff), and C. pauciflora Lauterb. & K. Schum. (C. oligantha van der Werff). Beilschmiedia velutinosa Kosterm. is a synonym of B. lanatella Kosterm., and Lindera spicata Kosterm. (1992) is a later homonym of L. spicata Kosterm. (1973). Nectandra roberto-andinoi (C. Nelson) C. Nelson is transferred to Damburneya Raf., and Ocotea ligulata van der Werff is transferred to Mespilodaphne Nees & Mart.