Piper callejasii (Piperaceae), a New Species from the Eastern Slopes of the Andes, Northern South America

  • William Trujillo Fundación La Palmita, Centro de Investigación
  • Edwin Trujillo Trujillo Universidad de la Amazonia
  • M. Alejandra Jaramillo Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Keywords: Colombia, Peru, Piperaceae


A new species of Piper L. (Piperaceae) from the eastern slopes of the Andes in Colombia and Peru, P. callejasii W. Trujillo & M. A. Jaram., is described and illustrated, and morphological comparisons with similar species are discussed. Piper callejasii is distinguished by its stigmas being sessile, rather than on a long style as in four similar species. Its conservation status is suggested to be Endangered.