Towards a Revision of the Genus Vitex (Lamiaceae) in Madagascar. II: Three New Species from the Littoral Forests

  • Martin W. Callmander Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève
  • Peter B. Phillipson Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: IUCN Red List, Lamiaceae, Madagascar, new species, Vitex, Viticoideae


The genus Vitex L. (Lamiaceae, Viticoideae) comprises 45 native species in Madagascar, all but one of which are endemic to the country. Several new species are still to be described, and we propose here three new species from the littoral forests: V. mcphersonii Callm. & Phillipson, V. rabenantoandroi Callm. & Phillipson, and V. zigzag Callm. & Phillipson. These three distinctive new species grow in the threatened littoral forests of the east coast of Madagascar. The risk of extinction to these species was assessed following the IUCN Red List Criteria, revealing that V. mcphersonii should be assessed as “Vulnerable,” V. rabenantoandroi as “Near Threatened,” and V. zigzag as “Critically Endangered.” Each new species is provided with a discussion of its morphological affinities and a line drawing.