Una Especie Nueva de Inga (Fabaceae) de los Bosques de Yungas de La Paz, Bolivia

Keywords: Bolivia, Caesalpinioideae, Fabaceae, IUCN Red List, Inga, Yungas


Inga yungasensis C. Aparicio & A. Fuentes (Caesalpinioideae, Fabaceae), is a new species from the Andean foothills found in the humid lower montane forests (Yungas region) of northern La Paz, Bolivia. Inga yungasensis belongs to section Complanatae T. D. Penn. and is similar to I. extra-nodis T. D. Penn., a species from Ecuador, by its leaves without winged rachis and with stipitate glands. It differs mainly by the smaller size of its calyx (2–2.5 vs. 6–14 mm) and corolla (6–9 vs. 20–23 mm). Additional differences between I. extra-nodis and other morphologically similar species are discussed as well as the conservation status assessment.