Six New Species of Burmeistera (Campanulaceae) from Ecuador

  • Brock Mashburn University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • Carmen Ulloa Ulloa Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Nathan Muchhala University of Missouri–St. Louis
Keywords: Burmeistera, Lobelioideae, South America, taxonomy


Six species of Burmeistera H. Karst. & Triana are described as new from Ecuador: B. chrysothrix Mashburn & Muchhala, B. crocodila Mashburn & Muchhala, B. erosa Mashburn, B. lingulata Mashburn & Muchhala, B. sierrazulensis Mashburn & Muchhala, and B. valdiviana Mashburn. These discoveries bring the total number of Burmeistera species in Ecuador to ca. 47. Descriptions are given for each species, as well as diagnoses to differentiate them from other Burmeistera. Also provided is a discussion of each species’ etymology, phenology, and ecology, a list of all specimens examined, and distribution maps and photos, when available.