Impatiens dasyvexilla, a New Species of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Hubei, China

  • Qiliang Gan Zhuxi Qiliang Institute of Biology
  • Xinwei Li Wuhan Botanical Garden, CAS
Keywords: China, Hubei, Impatiens, taxonomy


A new species of Impatiens L. from Hubei, China, I. dasyvexilla Q. L. Gan & X.W. Li, is described and illustrated in this paper. This species is closely allied with I. blepharosepala E. Pritz. in having leaves that are crowded at the upper part of the stem and lateral sepals that are ciliate at the margin. However, I. dasyvexilla is distinctive in its hirsute dorsal petal, conical glands at the leaf base, densely pubescent pedicel, and distal lobe of united petals cleft at the inner side. This new species should belong to Impatiens sect. Impatiens.