Una Nueva Especie de Drypetes (Putranjivaceae) de la Amazonía de Bolivia

  • Freddy Santiago Zenteno-Ruíz Herbario Nacional de Bolivia
  • Alfredo F. Fuentes Herbario Nacional de Bolivia
Keywords: Amazonia, Bolivia, Brasileño Paranense, Drypetes, IUCN Red List, Putranjivaceae


The revision of the Drypetes Vahl (Putranjivaceae) collections in the Herbario Nacional (LPB) revealed a new species from the Andean-Amazonian pedemontane region of Bolivia, which is described and illustrated. It is called D. brevipedicellata Zent.-Ruíz & A. Fuentes because it shows the shortest floral pedicels among the Neotropical species. It is similar to D. glauca Vahl (Caribe) and D. standleyi G. L. Webster (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Venezuela, Ecuador and Perú) from which it additionally differs in having larger stipules (1.3–2 mm vs. ca. 1 mm in both species), pilose anthers (vs. glabrate in D. glauca and occasionally pilose in D. standleyi), and laxely pubescent ovaries (vs. densely adprese-pubescent). A key to identify Bolivian Drypetes is presented. The new species is assigned to section Drypetes Vahl. due to its unilocular ovary.