Two New Species and a New Record of Selaginella (Selaginellaceae) from Bolivia

  • Iván A. Valdespino Universidad de Panamá
Keywords: Bolivia, IUCN Red List, megaspores, Neotropics, Selaginella, Selaginellaceae, South America


Two new species of Selaginella P. Beauv., S. angustifolia Valdespino and S. solomonii Valdespino, from the department of La Paz in Bolivia are described, and S. minima Spring is reported as new to the country. Selaginella angustifolia may be confused with S. chionoloma Alston ex Crabbe & Jermy from which it differs by the lamina shape and apex type of the median leaves. Selaginella solomonii differs from S. cavifolia A. Braun, a species with similar median leaves, by its habit, rhizophore distribution on stem, lateral leaf marginal projections, and lack of a laminal flap on sporophylls. This account brings the known number of Selaginella species recorded for Bolivia to 37.