On the Identity and Typification of Hedychium deceptum (Zingiberaceae), an Earlier Name for H. rubrum

  • Edakandiyil Sanoj University of Calicut
  • Mamiyil Sabu University of Calicut
Keywords: Hedychium, India, IUCN Red List, Zingiberaceae


The overlooked name Hedychium deceptum N. E. Br., after a lapse of ca. 80 years, is identified as an earlier name for the well-known H. rubrum A. S. Rao & D. M. Verma. Its lectotypification is designated with a specimen located at Kew herbarium, and an amended description and illustration are provided with notes on synonymy, phenology, and geographical distribution. The species is endemic to the northeastern states of India and has ornamental potential.