Novitates Agrostologicae, III. Olyra jubata, Especie Nueva de la Amazonía Peruana

  • José Ramón Grande Allende Universidad Central de Venezuela
Keywords: Amazonas, Bambusoideae, Gramineae, IUCN Red List, Loreto, Olyreae, Olyrinae, Peru, Poaceae


Olyra jubata J. R. Grande (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Olyreae: Olyrineae), a new species from the department of Loreto, Peru, is described and illustrated. Olyra jubata is characterized by the conspicuously villose pseudopetioles, by the truncated leaf blades, subcordate or rounded at the base, by the (one or two) four to seven inflorescences that are partially included within the upper leaf sheaths, tardily exerted and arching, and by the glumes of the pistillate spikelets being subequal and caudate. A synopsis of the tribe Olyreae, considering the generic and infrageneric groups hitherto proposed, plus several new groups until now in edit, is offered. Finally, a key to identify the species of the genus Olyra L. that have pistillate florets membranous and villose, uniformly covered by long and appressed cylindrical hairs (O. amapana Soderstr. & Zuloaga, O. juruana Mez, O. bahiensis R. P. Oliveira & Longhi-Wagner, O. ciliatifolia Raddi, O. loretensis Mez and O. jubata), is included; those species are included under the Ciliatifolia informal group (herein proposed).