Two New Species of Styrax (Styracaceae) from South America

  • Peter W. Fritsch California Academy of Sciences
Keywords: Brazil, Colombia, IUCN Red List, Styracaceae, Styrax


Two new species of Styrax L. from South America are described and illustrated. Styrax macarenensis P. W. Fritsch, endemic to the Serranía de la Macarena in the department of Meta, Colombia, is similar to S. rigidifolius Idrobo & R. E. Schult. but differs in its longer petioles, more rounded leaf blades with denser and larger ferruginous trichomes abaxially, more frequently and more deeply bifurcating leaf blade secondary veins, and drupes without an apical ring. Styrax prancei P. W. Fritsch, endemic to the Serra do Aracá in Amazonas State, Brazil, is similar to S. guaiquinimae (Maguire & Steyerm.) P. W. Fritsch but differs in its more narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate to elliptic leaves with nine to 12 secondary veins on each side of the midvein, 2- to 4-flowered inflorescences, and smaller flowers. Both species are known only from their types.