A New, Restricted Range Species of Annona (Annonaceae) Endemic to the Caribbean Slope of Panama

  • George E. Schatz Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Christel A. Ramos A. Minera Panamá S.A.
  • Orlando O. Ortiz Universidad de Panamá
  • Gordon McPherson Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Annona, Annonaceae, Colón, IUCN Red List, Panama


Annona caesia G. E. Schatz, C. Ramos & O. Ortiz is described from the lowland forests of the Caribbean slope of Panama. The new species differs from other Annona L. (Annonaceae) by the medium to large, broadly ovoid flowers (including three other species in Panama: A. acuminata Saff., A. billbergii R. E. Fr., and A. spraguei Saff.), by the glabrous and bluish glaucous underside of its leaves, and by the presence of small inner petals. The conservation status according to IUCN Red List categories and criteria has been assessed as Vulnerable (VU).