Studies in Neotropical Araliaceae. V. Sciodaphyllum zarucchii (Araliaceae), a New Species from Antioquia, Colombia, Honoring James L. Zarucchi (1952–2019)

  • M. Marcela Mora Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Porter P. Lowry II Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Gregory M. Plunkett New York Botanical Garden
  • Álvaro Idárraga-Piedrahíta Fundación Jardín Botánico de Medellín “Joaquín Antonio Uribe”
  • Jáider Jiménez-Montoya Universidad de Antioquia
  • Peter H. Raven Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Andes, Araliaceae, conservation status, Neotropics, new species, Schefflera, Sciodaphyllum


Sciodaphyllum zarucchii M. M. Mora, Lowry, Idárraga, Jiménez-Mont. & G. M. Plunkett (Araliaceae) is described as a new species in honor of James L. Zarucchi (1952–2019). It occurs in humid premontane and montane forests on the western slope of the Cordillera Occidental in the department of Antioquia, Colombia, where it is known from only two localities, one of which is highly threatened by forest clearing. A risk of extinction assessment using the IUCN Red List criteria reveals that S. zarucchii is Endangered.


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