A New Species of Zephyranthes (Amaryllidaceae) from Mexico

  • M. Ariel Spurrier High Point University
  • Gerald L. Smith High Point University
  • Raymond O. Flagg Carolina Biological Supply Company
  • Adolfo Espejo Serna Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, Hidalgo, IUCN Red List, Mexico, Puebla, Zephyranthes


The new species Zephyranthes stellatorosea G. Lom. Sm., Spurrier, Flagg & Espejo (Amaryllidaceae) is described from Puebla and Hidalgo, Mexico, and figures are included. This species has affinities with Z. lindleyana Herb. and Z. macrosiphon Baker; however, Z. stellatorosea is distinguished by its inner perianth with a basal white-starred throat, its laterally compressed trilocular capsule lobes, and narrower leaves.