The Tropical African Genus Crotonogynopsis (Euphorbiaceae), with Two New Species

  • David Kenfack Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
  • Roy E. Gereau Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Duncan W. Thomas Washington State University
  • Moses N. Sainge Tropical Plant Exploration Group (TroPEG)
Keywords: Cameroon, Crotonogynopsis, Eastern Arc Mountains, Equatorial Guinea, Euphorbiaceae, IUCN Red List, Korup National Park, Mozambique, Tanzania


The African genus Crotonogynopsis Pax (Euphorbiaceae) is revised to include four species, including two novelties, C. korupensis Kenfack & D. W. Thomas from the Korup National Park, Cameroon, and the Reserva Natural de Río Campo in Equatorial Guinea; and C. australis Kenfack & Gereau from the southern part of the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania, with a distant outlier in Mozambique. Three of the four species are assigned the IUCN Red List category of Least Concern (LC) on the basis of their occurrence in protected areas with no known threats.