A New Combination for a Chinese Species of Wikstroemia (Thymelaeaceae)

  • Ce Shang Beijing Forestry University
  • Shuai Liao Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zhi-Xiang Zhang Beijing Forestry University
  • Liang-Cheng Zhao Beijing Forestry University
Keywords: China, Daphne, Sichuan, Thymelaeaceae, Wikstroemia


The name Wikstroemia linearifolia H. F. Zhou ex C. Y. Chang is an illegitimate later homonym for a taxon described from western China. Halda considered the genus Wikstroemia Endl., one of the largest genera in the family, to be a synonym of the older and slightly larger genus Daphne L., which necessitated the publication of a number of new combinations and names in the latter genus, including the replacement name D. zhouana Halda for W. linearifolia. As we maintain Wikstroemia as a distinct genus, a new legitimate combination, W. zhouana (Halda) C. Shang & S. Liao, is provided here for this species.