Notas sobre Limonium (Plumbaginaceae) en el Noroeste Ibérico, I: Limonium serpentinicum, Nueva Especie

  • Rubén Pino Pérez Universidad de Vigo
  • Francisco Javier Silva-Pando Centro de Investigación Forestal de Lourizán
  • Juan José Pino Pérez Universidad de Vigo
Keywords: Anatomy, Limonium, Plumbaginaceae, Spain, taxonomy, ultramafic rocks


As part of the ongoing investigation on the group that includes Limonium binervosum (G. E. Sm.) C. E. Salmon in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula, a new species (L. serpentinicum R. Pino, F. J. Silva-Pando & J. J. Pino) is described here. It is characterized by its small size, the occurrence of abundant epidermal glands along the stem, the acuminate outer bracts, and the very narrow internal bracts, and known for its tendency to grow on serpentine substrates.