Typification of the Linnaean Name Atropa arborescens (Solanaceae)

Keywords: Acnistus, lectotype, Neotropical flora, nomenclature, Solanaceae, taxonomy


Atropa arborescens L. is the basionym of the Neotropical species Acnistus arborescens (L.) Schltdl. It was published by Linnaeus in June 1756, with neither specimen nor illustration cited in the protologue. Instead,
Linnaeus made a reference to a polynomial published by Plumier in 1703. In February 1756, the illustration corresponding to the polynomial referenced by Linnaeus was published. As it is shown that this plate was available to Linnaeus before June 1756, it is treated as original material and designated as the lectotype of Atropa arborescens.

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