A New Species of Anthurium sect. Cardiolonchium (Araceae) from the Cordillera Oriental (Napo Province), Ecuador

  • Thomas B. Croat Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Efraín Freire Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad
  • Robert Bleiweiss University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Francisco Sornoza Molina Fundación EcoCiencia
Keywords: Anthurium, Araceae, bird pollination, new species, section Cardiolonchium


Anthurium bustamanteae Croat, E. Freire, R. Bleiweiss & F. Sornoza Molina is here described and illustrated. The species is an Ecuadorean member of section Cardiolonchium Schott and has a reddish inflorescence that is visited by birds and arthropods. The species is most similar to A. sanguineum Engl., another bird-visited species.


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