Gypsophila yazdiana (Caryophyllaceae), a New Species from Iran

  • Atiye Nejad Falatoury Kharazmi University
  • Mostafa Assadi Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO)
  • Farrokh Ghahremaninejad Kharazmi University
Keywords: Caryophyllaceae, Caryophylloideae, Gypsophila, Iran, IUCN Red List, Middle East, Yazd Province


Gypsophila yazdiana Falat., F. Ghahrem. & Assadi (Caryophyllaceae, Caryophylloideae) is described here as a new species from central Iran and is assigned to Gypsophila L. sect. Paniculaeformes F. N. Williams. Despite the overall similarity in habit and shape of the leaves and inflorescence, it differs from the related species G. perfoliata L. by having the stems glabrous, the leaves glabrous and narrower, oblanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, to 1.5 cm wide, and the petals rounded at the apex. In G. perfoliata the stem is glandular pubescent in the lower half, the leaves are glandular pubescent, obovate or ovate-oblong, and up to 3.5 cm wide, and the petals are retuse at the apex.