Five New Species of Eugenia (Myrtaceae) from Panama

  • Fred R. Barrie Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Christel Ramos Universidad de Panamá
  • Orlando O. Ortiz Universidad de Panamá
  • Irving Vergara-Pérez Minera Panamá S.A.
  • Gordon McPherson Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Donoso, Eugenia, Flora of Panama, IUCN Red List, Myrtaceae, Panama, Taxonomy


Five previously unrecognized species of Eugenia L. from the Caribbean lowland forest of Panama are named, described, and assigned IUCN conservation status here: E. arrhaphocalyx Barrie, I. Vergara & McPherson (EN), E. brachyblastiflora Barrie, C. Ramos & O. Ortiz (CR), E. donosoensis Barrie, C. Ramos & O. Ortiz (LC), E. roseola Barrie, C. Ramos & O. Ortiz (LC), and E. roseopetala Barrie, I. Vergara & McPherson (EN).