A Review of the Aroid Tribe Caladieae with the Description of Three New Species of Caladium and Seven New Species of Syngonium (Araceae)

  • Thomas B. Croat Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Xavier Delannay Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Orlando O. Ortiz Universidad de Panamá
  • Pedro Diaz Jiménez CITRO, Universidad Veracruzana
Keywords: Araceae, Caladieae, Caladium, Chlorospatha, Hapaline, Jasarum, Scaphispatha, Syngonium, Xanthosoma


A review of the aroid tribe Caladieae is presented, and three new species of Caladium Vent. and seven new species of Syngonium Schott are described and illustrated. Two species, C. picturatum K. Koch & C. D. Bouché and C. steudnerifolium Engl., previously considered to be synonymous with C. bicolor (Aiton) Vent., are fully redescribed. New species of Caladium are C. cortesae Croat & E. G. Gonç., C. palaciosii Croat & L. P. Hannon, and C. stevensonii Croat & Delannay. New species of Syngonium are S. adsettiorum Croat, O. Ortiz & J. S. Harrison, S. bastimentoense O. Ortiz & Croat, S. brewsterense Croat & Delannay, S. churchillii Croat & O. Ortiz, S. litense Croat, S. purpureospathum Croat & Raz, and S. tacotalpense Díaz-Jiménez & Croat. Syngonium yurimaguense Engl. is also reported for the first time outside the Amazon Basin.


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