A Taxonomic Reassessment and a New Synonymy in Peruvian Gentianella (Gentianaceae, Gentianeae, Swertiinae)

  • James S. Pringle Royal Botanical Gardens
Keywords: Andes, Gentianaceae, Gentianeae, Gentianella, nomenclature, Peru


Gentiana trichostemma Wedd., which had been included in Gentianella nitida (Griseb.) Fabris, is restored to recognition as a distinct species, which differs from G. nitida in its longer stems, more distantly spaced leaves, and more deeply lobed corollas. The new combination Gentianella trichostemma (Wedd.) J. S. Pringle is made. The holotype of Gentiana trichostemma is shown to be a mixed collection and is herein restricted by lectotypification to the portion of the material that is consistent with the protologue. The name Gentianella andreae-mathewsii (Briq.) Zarucchi is lectotypified and is reduced to synonymy under G. liniflora (Kunth) Fabris ex J. S. Pringle. A second-step lectotypification is published for the name Gentiana liniflora Kunth.


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