Eight New Species of Neotropical Zanthoxylum (Rutaceae)

  • Carlos Reynel Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
Keywords: Neotropics, Rutaceae, taxonomy, Zanthoxylum


Eight new species of Neotropical Zanthoxylum L. (Rutaceae) are here described based upon their morphological characters. Zanthoxylum amplicalyx Reynel, which belongs to Zanthoxylum sect. Tobinia (Desv. ex Ham.) Griseb., has the largest calyx segments for its section. The others, Z. brisoferox Reynel, Z. chocoense Reynel, Z. impressocordatum Reynel, Z. magnifructum Reynel, Z. mauriifolium Reynel, Z. sambucirhachis Reynel, and Z. tingana Reynel, belong to the most speciose section, Macqueria Comm. ex Triana & Planch., and are distinguished by a variety of characters. Zanthoxylum magnifructum has the largest fruits of any species in the genus in the New World. Of the newly recognized species, four have a geographical distribution in Ecuador, three in Colombia, and one in Cuba.


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