Taxonomic Identity of Scrophularia koeiei (Scrophulariaceae) and Its Resurrection from the Synonymy of S. nikitinii

  • Massoud Ranjbar Bu-Ali Sina University
  • Narges Rahchamani Bu-Ali Sina University
  • Mariya Sheludyakova Komarov Botanical Institute
Keywords: Afghanistan, Iran, lectotypification, new section, Scrophularia, Scrophulariaceae, Turkmenistan


The taxonomic identity of Scrophularia koeiei Rech. f. is revised here. In the literature, this species has been treated as a synonym of S. nikitinii Gorschk. However, a detailed analysis of the type specimens and protologue information clearly indicate that S. koeiei should be considered as a distinct species. Therefore, S. koeiei is resurrected from the synonymy of S. nikitinii and recognized at the species level. Additionally, based on their morphological characters, S. nikitinii and S. koeiei, along with related species, are segregated into Scrophularia sect. Spiciformes Ranjbar & Rahchamani, described here. Lectotypes are designated for both species, and detailed descriptions, illustrations, and a distribution map are provided.