Two New White-flowered Mexican Zephyranthes Species (Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllidoideae) with Different Breeding Systems

  • Raymond O. Flagg Carolina Biological Supply Company
  • Gerald L. Smith G. L. Smith Lab for Systematic Studies, LLC
  • Abisaí Josué García-Mendoza Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, Habranthus, Mexico City, Oaxaca, polyploidy, stigma, Zephyranthes


Two new white-flowered species of Zephyranthes Herb. (rain lilies) from Mexico are described. Both belong to the group of species formerly classified within Habranthus Herb. Zephyranthes alba Flagg, G. Lom. Sm. & García-Mend. is endemic to volcanic rocks with xerophilous scrub in the Reserva Ecológica del Pedregal de San Ángel and nearby areas in Mexico City. It is the only white-flowered Habranthus-like Mexican rain lily with its stigma among or very near the top of the anthers. Zephyranthes ita-andivi García-Mend., Flagg & G. Lom. Sm. is endemic to calcareous soil in open sites of pine-oak forest in Distrito Teposcolula in northwestern Oaxaca, and is the only Mexican rain lily to have stigmatic lobes that separate and recurve after pollen is being shed. It is further distinguished from Z. alba by its narrow leaves, with nerves and margin minutely papillose, and elevated stigma.

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