A New Section of Anthurium: Section Cordato-punctatum (Araceae), Restricted to Central America

  • Thomas B. Croat Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Mónica M. Carlsen Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Anthurium, Araceae, Central America, leaf punctations, section Cordato-punctatum, sectional classification


Molecular studies have recently shown that a predominantly Mexican clade of Anthurium Schott species with ovate-cordate to ovate-sagittate leaf blades with glandular punctations on the lower (abaxial) surface is distinct from all other groups of Anthurium. This new section, Cordato-punctatum Croat & Carlsen, is one of three sections of Anthurium essentially restricted to Central America, and it contains six taxa. In this article, we describe and typify this new section, characterize its morphology, compare it to other Central American clades, and provide a current species list with geographic distributions.


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