Hippeastrum peruvianum (Amaryllidaceae), a New Species from Northern Peru, and Notes on a Naturalized Species of Crinum First Described as Hippeastrum

Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllioideae, Andes, Crinum, endemic species, geophyte, Hippeastreae, Hippeastrum, Peru


A new species of Hippeastrum Herb. (Amaryllidaceae) from the department of Amazonas, Peru, is described and illustrated here. Hippeastrum peruvianum Meerow & Campos-Rocha features floral morphology unique among the other species of the genus occurring in the country. It has similarities with H. miniatum (Ruiz & Pav.) Herb. and H. reginae (L.) Herb. but is distinguished readily by its larger flowers, distinct coloration pattern, and trifid stigma. The new species is known only from the type collection by Paul C. Hutchison in 1958. It was determined as H. miniatum in error and has apparently been widely cultivated, especially in California, either under that name or erroneously considered a hybrid. We additionally observe that H. ugentii Ochoa, described from Peru and later transferred to Crinum L., is the naturalized South African species C. moorei Hook. f.

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