Rubiacearum Americanarum Magna Hama Pars XLIV: Review of the Palicourea pilosa Group, With Some New Species and a New Subspecies (Palicoureeae)

  • Charlotte M. Taylor Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Bolivia, Brazil, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Palicourea, Palicoureeae, Peru, Psychotria, Rubiaceae


Palicourea Aubl. (Rubiaceae) comprises a large group of Neotropical species, many of which were previously classified in Psychotria L. subg. Heteropsychotria Steyerm. Ongoing study of those species here clarifies the identity of Palicourea pilosa (Ruiz & Pav.) Borhidi, Palicourea hazenii (Standl.) Borhidi, and several similar species, and classifies them all in Palicourea subg. Montanae C. M. Taylor sect. Montanae ser. 4 subser. f. Twenty-five species found from southern Central America through western South America are studied here. The circumscription of Palicourea pilosa is narrowed, four new nomenclatural combinations are made in Palicourea, and 10 new species and one new subspecies are described.

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