New Names and Combinations in Neotropical Samydaceae

Keywords: Casearia, Flacourtiaceae, Hecatostemon, Laetia, nomenclature, Piparea, Salicaceae s.l., Samyda, Samydaceae, Zuelania


Nomenclatural changes are presented here to bring generic circumscriptions in line with recent advances in the understanding of phylogenetic relationships within Samydaceae and with the conservation of the name Casearia Jacq. over Samyda Jacq. and Laetia Loefl. ex L. Names of species formerly recognized in Hecatostemon S. F. Blake, Laetia sect. Laetia, Laetia sect. Casinga (Griseb.) Warburg, Samyda, and Zuelania A. Rich. are provided combinations or new names in Casearia, and the appropriate names for species of Casearia sect. Piparea (Aubl.) Benth., when recognized as the separate genus Piparea Aubl., are clarified. One new combination is also provided for Piparea.


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