Rubiacearum Americanarum Magna Hama Pars XLIII: New Species and Notes on South American Hippotis (Condamineae) and Schradera (Schradereae)

  • Charlotte M. Taylor Missouri Botanical Garden
  • David A. Neill Universidad Estatal Amazónica
  • Melissa Calderón Cruz Universidad de Puerto Rico–Recinto de Río Piedras
Keywords: Colombia, Condamineae, Ecuador, Hippotis, Peru, Rubiaceae, Schradera, Schradereae


This paper reviews Hippotis Ruiz & Pav. and Schradera Vahl, two Rubiaceae genera with centers of diversity in western South America. Both are inadequately known and in need of field study. Recent authors’ circumscriptions of H. albiflora H. Karst. and H. mollis Standl. are narrowed here, and four new species of Hippotis are described: H. antioquiana C. M. Taylor from northwestern Colombia, H. ecuatoriana C. M. Taylor from central-southern Ecuador, H. elegantula C. M. Taylor & M. Calderón from the western Amazon basin in Ecuador, and H. vasqueziana C. M. Taylor from lowland northeastern Peru. Four new species of Schradera Vahl are also described here: S. cernua C. M. Taylor and S. francoae C. M. Taylor from western Colombia, S. condorica C. M. Taylor & D. A. Neill from southern Ecuador, and S. morindoides C. M. Taylor from southern Ecuador and northern Peru. Schradera condorica at least sometimes is a free-standing tree, a habit newly documented for this genus.

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