Nomenclature and Typification of Names in the Ibero–North African Andryala arenaria (Asteraceae) and Taxonomic Implications

  • Maria Zita Ferreira Universidade da Madeira
  • Inés Álvarez Real Jardín Botánico
  • Miguel Menezes de Sequeira Madeira Botanical Group - GBM, Universidade da Madeira
Keywords: Andryala, Asteraceae, holotype, lectotypification, Mediterranean


A taxonomic and nomenclatural revision of the genus Andryala L. (Asteraceae) revealed that A. arenaria (DC.) Boiss. & Reut. var. ficalhoana (Daveau) Cout. had never been typified. Based on an analysis of the protologue and original material, a specimen at LY is designated here as the lectotype. The relevance of this typification resides in the fact that the recently described A. cintrana S. Talavera & M. Talavera is here considered a heterotypic synonym of A. arenaria var. ficalhoana. In addition, A. cossyrensis Guss. var. oligadena Maire & Weiller from Libya is here synonymized with A. arenaria var. pinnatifida Lange ex Willk., leading to the extension of the known distribution area of A. arenaria.

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