A New Species of Anthurium sect. Dactylophyllium (Araceae) from the Mata Atlântica of Brazil

  • Marcus A. Nadruz Coelho Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden
  • André Mantovani Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden
  • Monica M. Carlsen Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Anthurium, Brazil, palmatisect leaves, Rio de Janeiro, section Dactylophyllium


A new species of Anthurium Schott sect. Dactylophyllium (Schott) Engl., emend. Croat & Carlsen, A. petiolicarinatum Nadruz, Mantovani & Carlsen, from the Mata Atlântica region of southeastern Brazil, is described and illustrated. A distribution map, an updated key to closely related species in the section, and a discussion of conservation threats in the area are provided.


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