An Additional Nomenclatural Transfer in the Pantropical Genus Myrsine (Primulaceae: Myrsinoideae)

  • John J. Pipoly III Broward County Parks & Recreation Division
  • Jon M. Ricketson Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myrsine, Myrsinoideae, new combination, Primulaceae, Rapanea


Rapanea pellucidostriata Gilg & Schellenb. is transferred to Myrsine L. as M. pellucidostriata (Gilg & Schellenb.) Pipoly & Ricketson, comb. nov. To our knowledge, this is the last species of Rapanea Aubl. remaining that did not have a name in the genus Myrsine. With the transfer of this species complete, all species of Rapanea and Suttonia A. Rich. have been transferred into Myrsine.