Remarks on the Typification of the Linnaean Name Platanus occidentalis (Platanaceae)

  • P. Pablo Ferrer-Gallego Centro para la Investigación y Experimentación Forestal (CIEF)
Keywords: Lectotype, Linnaeus, nomenclature, Platanaceae, Platanus


Some aspects concerning the typification of Platanus occidentalis L. (Platanaceae) are discussed. This name had been typified previously by Reveal in 2009 from a specimen kept at LINN. However, it is unclear whether this specimen is part of Linnaeus’s original material so it cannot be considered a lectotype. A specimen conserved in the Linnean Herbarium Herb. Linn. No. 388.17 (S-LINN) is designated here as the lectotype of the name P. occidentalis.