A New Species of Wettinia (Arecaceae: Arecoideae: Iriarteeae) from Panama

  • José De Gracia Minera Panamá S.A.
  • Michael H. Grayum Missouri Botanical Garden
  • George E. Schatz Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Arecaceae, Colón, Donoso, Panama, taxonomy, Wettinia


A new species of Arecaceae, Wettinia donosoensis De Gracia & Grayum, from the Atlantic slope of Panama, is described and illustrated. It is readily distinguished from all other species of Wettinia Poepp. by the combination of small size (3–5m); leaves with few (usually six or seven per side) pinnae; unbranched, lax inflorescences; and very long petals (in pistillate flowers, 25–30mm). It is endemic to a small region in Donoso District, Colón Province, and its conservation status is assessed as Endangered.