Youngia jiulongensis (Crepidinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a New Species from Sichuan, China

  • Yu-Lan Peng Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Xin-Fen Gao Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Li-Bing Zhang Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Asteraceae, China, Youngia


Youngia jiulongensis Y. L. Peng, X. F. Gao & Li Bing Zhang, a new species of Asteraceae from western Sichuan, China, is described. This new species is similar to Y. mairei (H. Lév.) Babc. & Stebbins and Y. pilifera C. Shih in having blackish brown achenes, a white pappus, and fewer capitula, but distinct from the latter two in having a taller stature (28–50 cm vs. 8–30 cm), two or three well-developed, undivided caudical leaves, sparsely toothed leaf margins, acute leaf apices, long non-winged petioles, reduced pubescence on the whole plant, glabrous phyllaries, and midveins of all inner phyllaries plane.