Nine New Species of the Species-rich Genus Astragalus (Leguminosae)

  • Ali Bagheri University of Isfahan
  • Farrokh Ghahremaninejad Kharazmi University
  • Ali Asghar Maassoumi Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands
  • Mohammad Reza Rahiminejad University of Isfahan
  • Frank R. Blattner Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK Gatersleben)
Keywords: Astragalus sect. Hymenostegis, Fabaceae, Iran, Zanjan Province


As a result of our taxonomic studies of Astragalus L. sect. Hymenostegis Bunge, we recognize nine new species of this genus from Zanjan Province in northwestern Iran, namely: A. atrokurdicus Maassoumi, F. Ghahrem., Bagheri & Podlech, A. austrotaromensis Maassoumi, F. Ghahrem., Bagheri & Podlech, A. dejectus Maassoumi, F. Ghahrem. & Bagheri, A. mostafa-assadii Bagheri, Maassoumi, F. Ghahrem. & Podlech, A. paralurgiformis F. Ghahrem., Maassoumi & Bagheri, A. pluriflorus F. Ghahrem., Maassoumi, Bagheri & Podlech, A. pseudoparalurges F.Ghahrem., Maassoumi, Bagheri & Podlech, A. sohrevardianus Bagheri, Maassoumi & F.Ghahrem., and A. sublaguriformis Bagheri, Maassoumi & F. Ghahrem., which are described and illustrated here. The new species are also compared with the taxa that are morphologically most similar and presumed to be closely related.