Dactylocardamum polyspermum (Brassicaceae), a Second Remarkable New Species from Peru

  • Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Asunción Cano Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
  • Huber Trinidad Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Keywords: Ancash, Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, Dactylocardamum, IUCN Red List, Peru


Dactylocardamum polyspermum Al-Shehbaz, A. Cano & Trinidad, the second species of a previously monospecific Peruvian genus, is described and illustrated, its similarities to and distinguishing characters from the generic type, D. imbricatifolium Al-Shehbaz, are discussed, and the generic limits of Dactylocardamum Al-Shehbaz are expanded to accommodate the new species. The novelty is known from a single locality in Ancash Department, and its IUCN conservation status is determined as Data Deficient.