Amorphophallus ravenii, a New Species of Amorphophallus (Araceae) from Laos

  • Nguyen Van Du Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
  • T. V. Tien National Academy of Public Administration
  • L. T. Loan Plant Resource Centre–Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • S. Bouamanivon Ministry of Science and Technology of Laos
  • W. L. A. Hetterscheid Von Gimborn Arboretum
Keywords: Amorphophallus, Araceae, IUCN Red List, Laos


Amorphophallus ravenii V. D. Nguyen & Hett., a new species of Araceae, is described from material collected in Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province, Laos. This species is similar to A. khammouanensis A. Galloway and A. croatii Hett. & A. Galloway, but differs by having an appendix about half the length of the male zone, stigmas about 1.5 times as broad, unwinged rachises of the decompound leaf blade, and a subglobose tuber.